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  1. Hey Don! Great to see you up and running! Love the first blog (at least the first one I’ve seen). Keep up the good work – keep thinking. Glad to be on the same team with you, my friend!

  2. Don,

    Thanks for the great comments on reading with the “Read” and “How To Learn From Reading” posts. Given this, has there been any talk or can there be, about adding a “Staff Recommendations” or “Pastor’s Library” link which would like recommended books, etc. to the weekly SCC Bulletin?

    I’ve often wanted to ask you, Pastor Chuck, Elders, etc. “What are you reading now and why?” and thought this might be a way to corporately satisfy that need.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work. We should definitely do lunch soon.


    • John, Thanks for responding. I’ve never thought of the idea of having our pastors share the titles of books they’ve been reading. Let me think on that. The best book I’ve read recently is How We Got To Now by Steven Johnson. Also, Boys in the Boat is a good read.
      Take care.

  3. Hey Don,
    I enjoyed your comments–thanks for adding me to your list of subscribers! Even though I don’t run a business anymore, I try to make sure my mind doesn’t shift into neutral.
    Don Alexander

  4. I have one of the workbooks from your study “The 11th Commandment”. Is there a CD available for this study. I would like to do this study with my small group and can find the workbooks and book but haven’t been able to find a CD.

    Thank you

    • Carole, it’s good to hear from you. Two years ago I update the 11th Commandment material and published it as a book titled Love One Another. Information and books are available at There is no CD for the study but there is a facilitator’s guide. Kind regards, Don

  5. Pastor McMinn,
    The Lord put you on my heart this morning so I looked you up online. (Isn’t technology amazing?😀)

    I wanted to take this moment to honor you. In 1987, at Allandale Baptist Church (Austin, Tx), we, DeeAnn and I, were blessed to have you marry us in the eyes of the Lord. Just wanted to thank you again a let you know Jesus is still the center of our home and the glue that holds us together. Next year we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary of being husband and wife.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for marrying us!

    I speak continued blessings over you and Mary and know both of you will continue to be a blessing to others.

    Love in Christ,
    Joseph & DeeAnn Withrow

    • Joseph, you are so kind to take the time to get in touch. I am so glad to hear that you and DeeAnn have been together 30 years. Congratulations. Those were great years that we had together; I have such fond memories. Take care, Don

  6. Hi, Dr. Don! I just ran across a copy of the “Practice of Praise” and remembered what a powerful tool that was in my life. It’s been over 20 years now, but I wore out multiple copies; you were kind enough to send me the study guide, too. Anyway, glad to see you still running the race, and I’m challenged and inspired by your work here on the blog!
    Blessings, Phil

    • Phil, thank you for sharing kind and encouraging words. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. My nine years at Stonebriar Community church have been the best years of my life; I am so grateful. Take care.

  7. Looking for studies on discipleship hoping to use the 11th commandment. Have not been able to locate any books. Any idea on how to find them.

  8. I really enjoy your weekly posts. Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas. I would like a copy of the e-book, but I don’t want to re-subscribe. Can you help?

    Charme Robarts
    Community Advocate
    First United Methodist Church Fort Worth

  9. Don, I had to search this blog to see if this was the Don who was our shepherd on bus 9 in Israel, and it is! So nice to hear from you, and wanted to thank you for your part in making our trip so special. I really never had a chance to talk to you as you were gone much of the time. Thank you for sending me your blog. Sincerely, Carrie Giles

    • Thanks, Carrie, for kind and affirming words. It was a terrific trip. I’m glad we met and have become friends.

    • Charlotte, I’m not sure how that happened. Try resubscribing by clicking the “Subscribe and get E-book” on my home page. Please let me know if that works. Don

  10. Hello, Don,
    In 2007 I participated in Leaders Summit with Lake Country Christian School. I kept the binder and reread portions over the last 11 years. (I did not stay at LCCS as the elementary school principal because I was diagnosed with MS that year.) God lead me to TCU ten years ago and I love the opportunity to serve as a disabilities specialist. Presently I am in the process of adding additional team members, so I pulled out the Leaders Summit binder and began rereading with a different set of glasses (literally). I realized this week that I am missing the last four pages of weekly email #15, so I don’t have a complete explanation of the nine major agenda items for the weekly meeting. Would you be able to provide that information? I downloaded your new e-book and look forward to reading about L3, as well as the weekly post. Thank you for continuing to reflect on life and leadership. (I did not intend for this to be a post.) Appreciatively, Laurel Cunningham

    • Laurel,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Congratulations on your work at TCU.
      I just sent you a copy of lesson 15. Let me know if you receive it.
      Kind regards,

  11. Good Morning Don,
    I love the rake in the picture from yesterday’s posting. (Just now getting to read it). I guess we can always expect a rake or two in our paths. Most things we achieve in our lives require that we jump over, around, or even sometimes, “on” a rake (ouch)!! to reach our goals. One of my professors years ago at Columbia University always said as we were working on new piano pieces that were challenging – “If you are concerned about the process of your journey with this new piece, you will have a good product.” So true. Sometimes the “process of the journey can be unknown, a new experience altogether, and we are not even sure about the next step, but the journey is truly the key to my brain type being happy, especially if I like the journey, and I am finding it “lights up my brain”. The other thing about this posting is that it applies to all ages of people doing all kinds of things – children in a sandbox playing, or elderly facing the new and unknown challenges of aging without their good health, or also as they face losing significant ones in their lives along the way. Blessings to you and your family Don.

  12. Don,
    I perused your recommended book list on your website last year in an attempt to give an awesome gift to my avid reader dad. It worked! Well, here I am again – but it’s the same list! I would appreciate an update because your recommendations are better than any other I’ve found.

    • Daniel, thanks for inquiring. I publish that list every December. It will be my last post of the year. Thanks for passing the list on to your father. Don

  13. Dr. I really enjoyed “Lifelong Learning” and found it very helpful. I am a recent MAOL Graduate of Brandman/ Chapman University. I am also an Associate Minister. I have been trying purchase ten(10) copies of Lifelong Learning to share and have conversation with others. Our school book store and Amazon are out. can you be of assistance