LIFE – Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will provide ample time for silence.

LEADERSHIP – A decision, by itself, changes nothing.

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One thought on “Spectator/decision by itself

  1. Don, I know the feeling. At age 48 with a performance rating of 5.0, I was called to the CEOs office at 10:20am on January 18, 1983 and was RIFed. (Not that I keep score). Oh, how I suffered – a rising star had fallen with a big thud. Yet, a few months after, sitting in a pew at Travis Avenue Baptist Church, Jimmy Allen preached an evening sermon on forgiveness – and all was changed. I took charge of my grief and forgave all who were responsible for my career catastrophe. It made all the difference – a two roads in the woods experience. I went forward to a new life that came to be very rewarding. BUT, let me say, moving on is not for sissies. It is painful and those who experience it needs our love and support. I still remember the pain! But as James reminds us – considered it all joy for it builds perseverance. Importantly, it teaches us compassion.