Thinking carefully about significant thoughts will change your life.

I can help facilitate that process.

Once a week I post a short essay on a topic that will enhance your life and help you lead well. The theme is broad – reflections on life and leadership.

I want to make important thoughts easy to understand, hard to ignore, and practical. And I want to help close the “knowing-doing gap” – that frustrating gap between knowing what to do but not doing it.

The topics will apply to both individuals and organizations so if you’re a leader, these essays will help you be a better leader.

Who’s Don?

  • I am 65 years old. I want to live until I die.
  • I’ve written 11 books on a wide-range of subjects from emotional health to a children’s book on Proverbs.
  • I have a Ph.D. in classical music.
  • I’ve traveled to 45 countries, most of them numerous times.
  • I wrote and teach a leadership development course – Lead Well.
  • I am a Certified Specialist of Wine and certified level 3 with WSET.
  • I read one book every week.
  • I create pedagogical art.
  • I am a member of Mensa.
  • My wife is Mary, I have two grown daughters (Lauren and Sarah), a son-in-law (Jonathan), and two grandchildren (Marin and Benjamin).
  • I am grateful for many friends who continually enrich my life.

About the blog

I only blog once a week. I’ve read that to build a large following a blogger must post at least three times a week but I don’t have that much to say and I’m not going to bore you with banal thoughts or autobiographical trivia.

I put a lot of effort into each post; I start working on them six months in advance and edit them often before they’re ready for you to read.

Please subscribe to my blog and you’ll automatically receive the weekly post as an email. If you benefit from my blog, please recommend it to a friend.

I want to dialogue with readers so please comment when you have something to say.

You can contact me at don@donmcminn.com

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Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Don,
    I really enjoy receiving your weekly blogs. Your good thoughts and observations are well articulated. Thank you so much for the work you put into this; I feel sure many are enjoying and benefitting!

  2. Rarely do I look forward to a blog like I do yours. Yours are filled with interesting perspectives and thought-provoking questions that challenge me as I lead my family and my business. I know the time that it takes to do a quality blog and I wanted to thank you.

  3. Don, I just want to thank you again for your willingness to share your research, your wisdom, and experience. I enjoy getting your emails and have referred to them from time to time in the work I do. In a day or two I’m going to share the story of Ignaz Semmelweiss. I was spurred to read more about him after you essay that reminds us of our tendency to reject ideas because we forget how narrow our own view most surely is. It is kind of a tragic tale, but hopefully telling it helps us be more open to other possibilities. Thank you for your work.

    • Charme, thanks for kind and encouraging words. I do hope my posts are beneficial. The Semmelweis Effect haunts me, regularly. Take care. Don

  4. I just returned from the Alaskan Cruise with Chuck Swindoll and purchased, Lifelong Learning, Signature Soulprint and Love One Another, the best purchases I have made in sometime. Thank you.

    I was always blessed when I visited a friend to be able to attend Stonebriar Community Church where I was further blessed there as I was during the Conference by your leadership directing the hymn service. God uses you to set a worshipful attitude before each message which is so missing in our churches today.

    I would like to order more copies but prefer to do so by phone. Is that possible?

    • Marty, thanks for getting in touch. An Alaskan cruise with Swindoll is as good as it gets.
      Thanks for kind and encouraging words about my books. I can get you additional copies. Email me at djmcminn@msn.com
      Kind regards,