Since 2002, Lead Well has taught thousands of leaders in diverse industries, including high-tech, medical, non-profit, financial services and military. Our training is broad enough to fit each group’s needs. To learn more about our curriculum and/or to book an engagement with Don McMinn, contact us.

Lead Well offers three learning environments:

TRAINING – In a classroom environment and with an interactive approach, leaders are taught the twelve indispensable leadership tools. The material can be taught using several formats: a 2 or 3-day workshop, one 2-hour session per week for four months, or one 2-hour session per month for a year.

COACHING – Learning leadership principles in a classroom setting is necessary but often not sufficient; they must be integrated into the leader’s life and practice and this is best done through coaching. To coach is to observe a person in action and then provide immediate, specific and useful feedback. We provide personalized coaching for key leaders of the organization.

CONSULTING – Certified Lead Well consultants are available to analyze your organization from a leadership perspective. This includes on-site assessments, interviews of workers at various levels, and recommendations for needed change.