Travel extensively

globeOne sees the world more clearly if one looks at it from an angle. — Henry Thoreau

When we travel, we see things “from an angle,” and the further we travel from home, the more severe the angle.

For instance, if you live in Dallas, Texas, and you travel to Houston, Texas, you’ll see things differently, but not by much. Visit New York City, and you’ll experience a significant change in culture. Cross the Atlantic Ocean to Paris, and you’ll be more challenged. Travel to India, and you’ll think you’re on a different planet.

Mary and I have traveled to 46 countries, most of them multiple times. We try to visit one new country each year. This summer we’re going to the United Arab Emirates to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have fond memories of traveling abroad. I remember enjoying a picnic lunch of cheese, bread, and wine on a Swiss hillside while watching a farmer cut grass with a sickle. When visiting the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, we gained access to a room full of famous paintings that are usually off-limits to the public because they are disputed assets related to unresolved war reparations from World War II. We had lunch in a cafe in Marakesh, Morocco, that was blown up by terrorist the following month. I have seen the destitute in New Delhi and the well-to-do, out-of-touch in Paris. I was in a bus wreck on the road between Tbilisi and Kabaleti. A four-hour meal shared with friends in Palermo is a memory that still gives me pause.

According to travel guru, Rick Steves, 80 percent of Americans do not hold a passport. How sad.

Travel takes time and money, but it’s worth the investment. You’ll be stretched and challenged and you’ll learn more about the world in which you live. St. Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Here’s a link to a stout argument in favor of travel.


What? – Travel is beneficial.
So what? – Prioritize travel for you and your family.
Now what? – Book a trip.

Leaders – Encourage your team members to travel extensively. If possible, plan opportunities for team members to travel on company time using company resources.

2 Replies to “Travel extensively”

  1. Don, what a wonderful admonition. I’d love a follow-up post, or perhaps just a comment, on how young families or those with limited budgets can make this a reality.

    Often in my field, people talk about wanting to travel to the Holy Land but money is their primary reason they don’t. Thanks for all your wisdom.

    1. Thanks, Wayne. You’re right, I should follow up with some thoughts about to finance travel ventures. In our family, we have simply done without some things in order to have funds to travel; it was an issue of priorities.

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