“I’m glad…” – benefit from the power of gratitude

Thanksgiving is a natural response to life and may be the only way to savor it. Douglas Abrams

My daughter and I were in the midst of an unenviable task: move the contents of one storage unit (which included a hundred boxes of books) to another storage unit several blocks away. The job wasn’t as unpleasant as chewing on cut glass, but it was close to it.

To ameliorate our sagging enthusiasm, I suggested that we take turns completing the phrase “I’m glad…”

I started with, “I’m glad I’m not doing this by myself.”
Lauren responded with, “I’m glad we’re both healthy enough to lift heavy boxes.”
And on we went:

  • I’m glad it’s not raining.
  • I’m glad we have this time to talk.
  • I’m glad these books we’re moving may someday encourage people.
  • I’m glad we’re saving money by doing this ourselves.

With each new expression of gratitude our work became more bearable and our experience enjoyable.

Expressions of gratitude can change an attitude faster than a speeding ticket.

In his must-read book, The Book of Joy, Douglas Abrams said, “Gratitude is the recognition of all that holds us in the web of life and all that has made it possible to have the life that we have and the moment that we are experiencing. It allows us to shift our perspective toward all we have been given and all that we have. It moves us away from the narrow-minded focus on fault and lack and to the wider perspective of benefit and abundance.” (page 242)

I double-dog-dare you to try this: the next time you coddle a bad attitude, start your own version of “I’m glad…”

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12 Replies to ““I’m glad…” – benefit from the power of gratitude”

    1. Thanks, Harold, for taking the time to write. You’re right; it takes time to say “I’m grateful” but it’s worth the effort.

  1. I’m glad I read this essay! It is so easy to slip into the “I’m sad, life is so hard”-mode when the going gets tough. If I start smiling, I’m starting to be glad. If I start expressing gladness, joy bubbles up from deep inside, and Satan cannot stay close to that. He has to flee! Thank you, Don! I’m glad I met you!

  2. I’m glad…that I’m subscribed to this inspirational newsletter. Thanks, Don, for your encouraging leadership!

    1. Bill, thanks for kind and encouraging words. I’m so glad we are friends. I’m looking forward to our concert this weekend.

  3. Don, I’m glad you write and send your inspiring messages each Thursday! I look forward to them each week! Julie

  4. This is such a helpful article. I had always made gratitude = thanksgiving but this is a much more pro-active approach. Thank you.

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