Join me on a trip to Italy, Turkey, and Greek Isles – September 2022

Travel is one of life’s greatest opportunities. I enjoy helping other people experience the thrill of the journey. That’s why I sponsor international Travel With Friends excursions.

For the past 12 years I’ve led groups of friends on annual, international trips. We’ve been to Paris, London, Europe, the Mediterranean, Baltic States, Russia, Israel, Peru, and North Africa. We’ve never had a malfunction or bad experience; just memorable, life-enhancing moments.

Please join me this fall 2022, on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the cradle of Western civilization. We’ll visit Rome, the eternal city; Athens, the birthplace of democracy; Istanbul, where East meets West, Ephesus, where we’ll visit the famous Celsus Library; three Greek isles (There are 6,000 islands in Greece; we’ll visit two of the best: Santorini, Messina, and Mykonos.); and Naples, Italy, where we’ll visit the ruins of Pompeii and the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

It’s been said that one of the joys of traveling is not only where you go but who you go with and who you meet along the way. This tour group will be limited to 40 interesting ladies and gentlemen who travel well—friends of mine who enjoy exploring great places. 

Travel takes time and money, but it’s worth the investment. You’ll be stretched and challenged, and you’ll learn more about the world in which you live and the life you live in the world. 

I hope you’ll join me on this memorable trip to southern Europe. 

Here’s a brochure with all the details.  Travel with Friends – 2022-Brochure

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

2 Replies to “Join me on a trip to Italy, Turkey, and Greek Isles – September 2022”

  1. Don this means we at SCC must do without your Christian Leadership again?
    Well, enjoy Don! … Every musician I meet, I most certainly I tell them about the music superiority @ UR guidance … and sometimes Hightower!

    There is another who conducts many time; but I do not remember his name.

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