Join me on an incredible trip to Italy, Greek Isles, and Istanbul – September 23-October 7

This afternoon (April 17) Mary and I left on a transatlantic cruise onboard Celebrity Reflections.

It’s the same ship that we’ll be on this September when we host a Travel with Friends trip to Italy, Greek Isles, and Istanbul.

I’ll take plenty of pictures of the ship and our time in Rome (where we start the fall trip), and post them online mid May.

The  trip this fall (limited to 40 people) will be a trip-of-a-lifetime.

Here’s information about the trip Travel with Friends – 2022-Brochure.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

9 Replies to “Join me on an incredible trip to Italy, Greek Isles, and Istanbul – September 23-October 7”

  1. Don;

    I would love to go on this cruise with your group as I traveled to Europe in 1970 with a group of 5 guys who just graduated from University of Missouri – Columbia, MO.

    Excluding the flight , the cost is near $ 5.75 per hour; but the $ $ 6,800 is

    not in my budget


    Get this. the Entire cost of that1970 trip was $ 1,200!

    We had a brand new VW bus for our Land travel we picked up in Amsterdam, and we traveled to 6 or 7 countries, stopping in Rome where we made the foolish mistake of leaving camers (sp>?) visibly hanging inside the VW as we toured the Collisium (sp?) . the thief (s) also got all my travelers checks.

    And get this, this, the travel agency could not find record of my check and did not until the end of the tripe.

    IN Swutz

    In Switzw

    1. Barton, yep…when traveling abroad one must never leave anything exposed or it will be gone. I’m glad you had that wonderful trip back in the 70’s.

    1. We just returned last night. It was a great trip. I can hardly wait for us to travel together. Don

  2. Be sure to visit the Petit Chef restaurant on your current ship. It’s very imaginative. We really enjoyed it on the Equinox.

    1. Shirley…isn’t that a fascinating presentation of a nice meal. We really enjoy Celebrity cruise line. I hope you are doing well.

      1. We are doing very well. Keeping busy with grands, Gideons and still
        playing at church. Hope you are all doing well.

    1. I will. Travel is beginning to open up. Mary and I just returned last night from a trip on the Celebrity Reflection. So far…vaccinations are required. Take care. Don

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