Study success more than failure; learn from successful people

Do we learn more from failure or success?

We can learn from both, but the most valuable lessons come from studying successes.

Here’s why: In most situations, there are multiple ways to fail, but few ways to succeed. When you study failure you may learn what won’t work but not discover what will work. 

It’s also wise to try to duplicate a success experience before you invest heavily into adopting its fundamentals and scaling it up. The initial success may have been a one-off, or you may be confusing correlation with causation.

When studying success, look for basic fundamentals and avoid small, unique factors.

Also, learn from successful people. If you’re interested in investing your money, learn from Warren Buffet. He’s the most successful investor of all times. Don’t rely on the guy on radio who’s droning on and on about how to invest.

Herein is a “shortcut” to success—study and emulate successful people.

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