When you make a mistake, if you admit it and make full restitution, your relationship with the other party can be better than it was before the incident

At the end of the 2022 Travel with Friends trip, we were scheduled to fly Iberia Airlines from Rome to Madrid, change planes and fly from Madrid to Dallas. Iberia’s plane leaving Rome was an hour and a half late so we missed our connection which was the only daily flight that would get us to Dallas. 

We were disappointed, frustrated, and tired. I thought of creating a don’tflyiberia.com website. But, Iberia’s staff was apologetic, empathetic, and worked hard to get all 25 of us good seats on the next day’s flight. 

They were obliged to provide housing for the layover. I was expecting a simple Motel 6-type hotel, but they put us in a lovely four-star hotel, gave us vouchers for a nice dinner and breakfast, and paid for our transfers from the airport to the hotel. Our thinking went from “ugh, we missed our flight” to “wow, we get to spend the night in Madrid.”

Because of Iberia’s good response to the bad situation, that they had created, I thought more highly of them after the incident than I had before. I thought of starting an iloveiberia.com  website.

This principle also works in human relationships. When you offend someone, sincerely apologize, make restitution, and try not to do it again, and the relationship may become stronger than it was before.

Life is complicated, and humans and organizations make mistakes. That’s inevitable and even acceptable. How we handle our mistakes makes all the difference.

When was the last time you made a mistake that adversely affected other people? How did you handle the situation? Did your response improve the relationship? 

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    Wednesday, September 29, 2021
    by Rev. Joda Collins

    The Bible is clear, “There are none perfect, no not one.” We all fall short of perfection. The best efforts of the best person will fail to be free of mistakes. What do we do when we make a mistake?

    1. Own it. Admit to it. Do not ignore it or justify it.
    2. If possible, sincerely ask forgiveness from those we wronged and attempt to make it right. In your request for forgiveness do not use (state) any sentence that has an “if” that fits in it. The responses to a request for forgiveness can be many. Do not compound your error by allowing a harsh reaction if you are not forgiven. The offended person may need time to process your request. When you ask for forgiveness, be honest. Are you sorry for what you did? Say so. Are you ashamed of yourself for what you did? Say so. If your request for forgiveness has to implicate someone else in their wrong doing, it might not be wise to seek forgiveness; there are so many variables that specifics in a short article are impossible to deal address here.
    3. Learn from it and do everything within your power and God’s power in you to never do anything like that again.
    4. Try not to beat yourself up too much over it. Everyone makes mistakes.

    The process is not complicated. It is difficult.

    Image of one or more people and text that states ‘You make MISTAKES. Mistakes don’t make you. “‘

    Rev. Joda Collins
    [email protected]


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