Never be a spectator of…

How would you complete this sentence: “Never be a spectator of…”

Over which issues will you not remain passive? In conversations or public discourse, at what point will you refuse to remain silent? What will you not tolerate?

When in a public setting, we often remain mute when witnessing an undesirable situation. Someone breaks in line and we say nothing. Someone shares some “facts” that are wrong, and we don’t correct them. Someone consistently dominates conversations and we don’t intervene. Perhaps social grace and the desire for peace prompts us to ignore minor infringements, but where do you draw the line?  

While there are some actions that are universally repulsive and unacceptable (slavery, murder, abuse), we each have unique areas that we are particularly sensitive to. My question is, what will you not tolerate? In what situations will you cease to be a spectator and intervene? We should have an answer. 

It’s a complicated topic. How concerned should we be with the potential cost of speaking out and intervening? (If you live in China or Russia, the costs can be staggering.) When should we just take a deep breath and ignore what is happening? 

Becoming involved may mean addressing an issue immediately and directly, or it may involve a long-term commitment to incremental change. But the question I pose is: When should you never be a spectator of… 

My list includes:

      • Child abuse
      • Arrogant stupidity 
      • Unfairness 

Please  Leave a Reply and tell us what you’ll not tolerate.

7 Replies to “Never be a spectator of…”

  1. Bullying in various forms.
    Obvious Lies
    Denying the sufficient sacrifice of Jesus and the Cross and Resurrection Realities

    This is a great even soul searching question!
    What are the boundaries of belief and behavior which I must be assertive about?

    1. I like your three answers, particularly bullying and obvious lies. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  2. Hopefully my self help books corrects this situation .

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    I also give this book away to change people minds and give them wisdom to think better and enjoy life.

  3. I believe we all need to call-out bullying. If we see someone being bullied, we may present the only opportunity to give the victim a way out. They may have become so used to the bullying that they just accept the behaviour.
    Bullying can take all sorts of forms including racism, sexism and forms of control and coercion.
    I love to read the comments of others but haven’t been able to do so for weeks. Am I doing something wrong Don?

    1. Angela, I’ve out of the country for three weeks so I’m behind on responding. Bullying is inexcusable, and, a bully won’t stop until he is confronted. So that’s a good answer to “Never be a spectator of…”
      I always enjoy thinking your thoughts.

    1. Interesting… I was in CVS today and heard someone cuss because he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Totally unnecessary, but I didn’t say anything.
      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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