My six favorite, free web sites you can subscribe to

free4-001There’s a lot of good, free information on the World Wide Web. Here are six of my favorite sites that will send you a daily email with pertinent information.

  1. WordThink – Word of the Day – They don’t include obscure, seldom-used words. You’ll get a brief definition of a word that you probably know but seldom use. Words like: accommodate, insular, dubious, reciprocal, pontificate.
  2. A Joke A Day – Actually, you get two jokes each day. They are always clean and appropriate.
  3. New York Times – Today’s Headlines – A picture and paragraph about the top news stories.
  4. New York Times – Evening Briefing – A summary of each day’s significant events.
  5. Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day – Various topics that will help keep your management skills sharp.
  6. This Week on TED – You will receive both the written transcript and video of a select TED talk.

My readers’ favorite posts in 2016

Based on comments and Facebook shares, these five posts were the most beneficial.

  1. Don’t say this to someone who is hurting
  2. Smile
  3. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  4. Leaders: lead
  5. Don’t give people what you like, give what they value

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