Lead Well workshop – September 27-28, Dallas, TX

The health and growth of all organizations rises and falls on leadership.

Leadership is the primary factor influencing the health and growth of every organization. Organizations can increase their leadership quotient by:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of existing leaders.
  • Increasing the quantity of leaders by identifying, training and empowering new leaders.

Fifteen year ago I developed a leadership development curriculum that has been taught to thousands of leaders in diverse industries including technology, medical, non-profit, and financial services.

Lead Well offers leadership training and resources to organizations and individuals in all industries. Our propriety curriculum focuses on 12 indispensable leadership skills – six hard skills (what a leader does) and six soft skills (who a leader is). The training provides a thorough and systematic approach to leadership development.

The fall workshop will be held September 27-28 in Dallas, TX. We’ll meet both days from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Click here for a summary of the curriculum.

Go to learntoleadwell.com to take a free, leadership skills assessment tool and to learn more about the workshop.

For more information and registration contact [email protected]



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  1. Thanks for all emails you send to i would like to communicate to know more about you
    I have got many many emails from you i want to know who his Don McMinn sent me all that information you know now days many people on Facebook put photos on profile but ther not the person on the picture please i would like to know more about you i am looking forward to hearing from you,
    God bless you always
    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Grace, for writing. My short biography is on the blog site under the About Me button. I live in the Dallas area, work at Stonebriar Community Church, am 64 years young… Take care

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